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Q: Ficto is a vertical streaming app; what’s the aspect ratio?

A: 9:16, the vertical version of 16:9. We are NOT 4:3 and and definitely NOT pan and scan. If you choose, we will edit your film for you for the best possible viewing experience.

Q: If my pre-existing film is chosen by Ficto to be segmented into a series, will I be able to choose where my film is segmented?

A: You can parse your film into episodes where they feel most natural as long as there is at least 3 episodes (or breaks).

Q: How do I know how many views I have?

A: Simply log into your Ficto filmmaker dashboard, which shows your video metrics in real-time and how much money you’ve earned based on those metrics. Payments will be conducted through a third-party blockchain company.

Q: Do you own my IP?

A: No. You own the rights to your story, film, characters, etc. We license your project.

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