Real Artists

In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job. But when she discovers the truth of the modern “creative” process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

Directed by

Cameo Wood

Writing Credits

Ken Liu & Cameo Wood

Produced by

Jeremy Bornstein (associate producer), Rhiannon Crothers (associate producer), Richard Crownover (associate producer), Chris Porovaara Fisher (associate producer), Alexa Fraser-Herron (producer), Ryon Lane (executive producer / producer), Ashley Peter Niblock (producer), Samuel Peralta (associate producer), Allen Wilson (producer), Cameo Wood (executive producer)

Music by

Meredith Yayanos

Cinematography by

Kimberly Culotta

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Real Artists

Tiffany Hines stars as Sophia Baker, a talented young animator who just scored the interview of a lifetime at her favorite production studio. This is the job she’s always wanted, all she needs to do is nail the interview. During the interview, ANNE PALLADON (played by Tamlyn Tomita) gives Sophia a tour of the studio.

Quickly Sophia starts to catch on that there might be something a little off going on, but continues to listen to Anne’s pitch. Anne explains they use hundreds of people everyday of the year to watch AI generated films that use stock characters, arcs, and conflicts. The AI then takes biological data from the viewers and adjusts the story to the data to create the best film possible.

Anne explains they can use the same people to watch hundreds of iterations of the same film because they use what they call ‘tabula rasa.’ The tabula rasa wipes away a person’s short term memory of the film they’ve just watched so they can watch another version without prior hesitiation. Anne explains they use the tabula rasa on their applicants who choose not to work for the studio so their technology isn’t compromised. When Sophia elects to not be part of the company, they administer the tabula rasa to her, but instead of letting her on her way, her exact same interview simply restarts exactly how it began.

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