East of La Brea

East of La Brea tracks the untold stories of LA through the lives of two very different Muslim women from working class backgrounds: Aisha, a Black Muslim, and her Bangladeshi-American roommate, Farha. As the two struggle to navigate the changing landscape of their native Los Angeles home and their own ethnic communities, adulthood and making their dreams come true proves to be more difficult than they could ever imagine.

Series Directed by

Samantha Bailey

Series Writing Credits

Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Tanha Dil, Nia Malika Dixon, Sameer Gardezi, Halima Lucas

Series Produced by

Kesila Childers (executive producer), Paul Feig (executive producer), Sameer Gardezi (executive producer), Erica Fishman (line producer)

Series Music by

Smiles Davis

Series Cinematography by

Ante Cheng

Series Film Editing by

Ruben Navarro

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East of LA Brea

Taking place in Koreatown, Little Bangladesh, and South LA in the dead heat of summer, East of La Brea highlights the vibrant stories of different communities where folks are broke, rent is high, and it’s less of a melting pot than people just melting.

When Aisha’s childhood friend Moises moves back to LA to open up his dream cafe, it sets Aisha on the path of evaluating her own life’s journey. Though writing is her passion, she hasn’t typed a word in ages and now is stuck working a nine-to-five at a commercial realty company. Meanwhile, her roommate Farha is all over the place, whether it be Lyft driving, flipping her parents’ old antiques for a few bucks, or maintaining her social media persona. However, all this gets pushed back out of focus, when her estranged sister comes back into her life and forces her to reconcile with the past.

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