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April 15, 2021

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Fans missing their weekly Entourage fix, the blockbuster series that detailed a behind-the-scenes look at celebrity life in Hollywood, have been treated to the uber successful “Victory the Podcast” weekly live show over the last year or so. Created by Actionpark Media and hosted by Doug Ellin (Entourage Creator and Emmy Award winner), Kevin Dillon (Entourage’s Emmy nominated “Johnny Drama”) and produced by Kevin Connolly (Entourage’s “E”), listeners are served up weekly romps down memory lane with wild banter and serious shenanigans all focused on current events, Hollywood happenings, and Entourage throwbacks. What’s better than a podcast hang out with your favorite Entourage crew? Coming up starting April 29, 2021, FICTO.TV is stepping up the game with their new podcast inspired show, “Victory”.

Uncensored, unrestricted, and totally uncut, fans of the podcast and of Entourage will feel like they have taken a stroll back to the old neighborhood. Pull a seat up to the table with the guys while the Victory crew talks about all things Hollywood, behind-the-scenes nuggets and the latest news and watch the priceless back-and-forth between the Victory the Podcast crew as they bring the show from your ears to your eyeballs. There is no chance you would be laughing out loud to their now famous Actionpark Media shenanigans, new animated sequences, and hilarious outtakes. Download the Ficto.TV App and do not miss one moment of the Entourage gangs latest offering.

Victory the Podcast Comes to Your Screens - Watch Starting April 29th, 2021

You’ve been listening since last summer to Victory the Podcast, we’ve been laughing right along with you. Ficto.TV via the Ficto.TV app brings the sounds and high jinks of the podcast straight to your screens with the new show, Victory. We all know by now that Podcasts are one of the best places to mine amazing content from. Ficto.TV has snapped up this wildly popular podcast and added extra features that bring fans even closer to the conversations of hosts Kevin Dillon, Doug Ellin and Kevin Connolly. Victory the Podcast listeners can now download the Ficto.TV app and watch as the gang relives their favorite Entourage memories, quip about the insanity of the Hollywood lifestyle, and serve up unique content from animations to celebrity cameos. It’s like an Entourage reboot, but with real Hollywood stars, real Hollywood stories and absolutely real chemistry between a group of friends who all happened to be a part of one of HBO’s most popular shows. So many podcast fans end up absolutely loving watching their favorite podcast stars as much as they enjoy listening to them. It’s the perfect recipe for getting to know a fans favorite podcast hosts even better, and beyond the microphone. Podcast creators are able to take the connection to the fans even deeper when avid podcast listeners are given the opportunity to actually watch as the podcast takes place, celebrity guests join the conversation, and unexpected shenanigans take place. Ficto.TV supports this experience now for the ever-popular Victory podcast via the Ficto.TV app.

This brand-new Ficto.TV show is guaranteed to be a hit with Entourage fans and celebrity news seekers alike! What better way to get to know your favorite hosts then to actually watch them as they work their way through each episode. Nothing is off the table with this crew, and no celebrity is safe.

The Evolution of Victory the Podcast to Victory on Ficto.TV

It seems like everyone has a podcast now. From celebrities to your neighbor and everyone in between, it seems like no matter what platform you sign on to a new podcast pops up every day. Weeding through the noise to find the best, most engaging and authentic content is not always easy, but the cream always seems to rise to the top and popular podcasts gain traction quickly. Victory the Podcast is one of those perfect amalgamations of hilarity, smart banter, real talk that brings together the creator of Entourage and two of his stars, Kevin Connolly as a producer and often-times contributor and Kevin Dillon. Originally Kevin Connolly’s idea, he approached Doug Ellin with the idea of starting something that showcased the real bond between the group. The evolution into a show that highlighted experiences, stories, and behind-the-curtain looks to one of TV’s most popular show, Entourage was organic albeit perhaps unavoidable. Victory the Podcast shows just how close the cast of the HBO show is in real life. The chemistry is palpable and harkens back to the chemistry Entourage fans were drawn to during the time the HBO show aired. Who didn’t fantasize, even just a little bit, about being privy to one of Vince’s parties, jet setting off with the gang to an exotic movie location, or working in Ari Gold’s office representing the most famous celebrities in Hollywood? This show brought its viewers one step closer to peeling back the curtain and peeking in to what life as an A-lister is really life.

The podcast has shown fans another side to their favorite HBO show, while remaining true to the core of Entourage. Creator and Podcast star Doug Ellin wanted to ensure Victory the Podcast, and now Victory the Ficto.TV show, shows off the heartfelt camaraderie experienced between all the cast members. Listeners, and now viewers, will be able to watch as these real-life relationships unfold through behind-the-scenes stories, discussing life in Hollywood then and now, and inviting past cast members to the microphone to add details and color to every conversation. Victory on the downloadable Ficto.TV app delivers a real-life entourage experience on whatever screen you choose to view each of the upcoming 30 fresh episodes.

The iteration of the podcast to the show was seamless and a clear next step as the three creators looked for ways to reach their fans – new and old – at an even more engaged level. Watching them deliver memories of their days of filming, recounting all the good times, and jumping into current events is hugely entertaining – guaranteed this will become your next “do not miss” show bookmarked to watch no matter where you are with the ease of access to new shows and content that Ficto.TV gives viewers.

Beyond Entourage

We get it. We miss Entourage the HBO show too. And sure, we are hoping HBO gets behind an Entourage reboot sometime soon. Until that happens (fingers crossed), Ficto.TV is delivering a show certain to keep Entourage fans entertained and laughing with “Victory”. Ficto.TV, a free app that brings a variety of content to all, alongside the Victory the Podcast crew has developed a show that pays homage to Entourage while delivering fresh, funny, and relevant content including never-heard-before stories, celebrity interviews (hello, Charlie Sheen!), past Entourage cast and crew members, and a boatload of surprises.

Entourage ran for eight full seasons, wrapped around 96 episodes, and concluded with the successful hit feature film, Entourage, is widely known as one of the most popular HBO shows ever to air. The HBO series was known for its candid behind the scenes look at A-list celebrity lifestyles, Hollywood machinations, chart-topping music, and enviable fashion. One of the most notable parts of Entourage were the seemingly endless celebrity cameos. All of that and more is served up in each and every episode of Victory on Ficto.TV and the Ficto.TV app. From past cast members to Entourage crew members talking about all the behind-the-scenes gossip, to loads of celebrities, viewers will feel like they are hanging out with Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connelly, and Entourage creator Doug Ellin – what Entourage fan or Victory the Podcast fan hasn’t wanted to do that?

Special Guests

Not to say that we can’t listen to the guys from Entourage share stories and relive experiences all day long, we can. Ficto.TV doubles down by taking the already popular Victory the Podcast to your favorite screen starting April 29th with two brand new episodes, and serving up a long list of celebrity appearances that make the conversations between these long-time friends that much wilder. Viewers will be treated to expected appearances by Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy Piven, Emmanuelle Chriqui, past cast and crew members, and guaranteed A-list celebs are all ready to dish on what really happens in Hollywood. From stories about behind the scenes gossip and antics from your favorite TV shows and movies to stories about Hollywood friendships, relationships and yes…even Hollywood scandal. Past TV show guests have included Josh Duhamel, James Caan, and Bob Saget. This is the perfect blend of Entourage reminiscing, current events, and real friendships that will entertain even the edgiest of millennial audiences. The Victory crew brings its usual irreverent style and humor to the table while welcoming special guests to pull up a seat and join in the uncensored and totally real conversation and fun.


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We guarantee you don’t want to miss this. We guarantee there is nothing like it. We guarantee you will be entertained.

About Actionpark Media

Actionpark Media specializes in podcast development and offers unheard of access to talent and best-in-class audio production paired with a passion for creators. Actionpark Media delivers seamless distribution and built-in monetization and provides their partners with a platform for their voice to be heard. Launched by Kevin Connelly, the actor-director partnered with advertising firm Dax to launch Actionpark Media. The company is built to focus on podcasts in all genres and creating intellectual property to develop for television and film. This partnership with Ficto.TV with Victory speaks directly to that goal.

About the Hosts of Victory

Doug Ellin Douglas Ellin is an American screenwriter, film and TV director known best for creating the hit HBO series, Entourage. As executive producer, director and head writer for the groundbreaking show, his list of roles also included supporting actor. He also wrote, produced, and directed the film adaptation that screened in 2015.

Kevin Dillon Kevin Dillon is best known for playing tough guy rolls and uber bad boys from the start of his career. Heaven Help Us served up his first major film role where he played the antagonist and bully, Rooney. Dillon has since starred in numerous memorable films and shows, most notably parts in The Doors, Oliver Stone’s Platoon, A Midnight Clear, No Escape and the cult classic The Blob. He has starred opposite such notable stars as Glenn Close, James Woods, Richard Dryfuss, Lisa Kudrow, Don Cheadle and Emma Roberts. His television star skyrocketed with his portrayal of the beloved, hilarious albeit often awkward character Johnny Drama in the HBO series Entourage. The show garnered him nominations for three Emmy’s, a Golden Globe and three SAG awards. Dillon has also had recurring roles in the popular series NYPD Blue, 24 and Blue Bloods. Hear and watch him now on Ficto.TV’s new show, Victory. Download the Ficto.TV app to view new episodes starting April 29th.

Kevin Connolly Although known for multiple big and small screen hits, Kevin Connolly is best known for his role as character Eric Murphy, “E”, on the widely acclaimed HBO hit, Entourage, that ran from 2004-2011. Playing the manager of character Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier, his role became one of the stand-pout favorites on the show. In 2009, Kevin Connolly was nominated for the Golden Globe awards Best Actor in a Television Series Musical or Comedy for the role. In 2015, show creator and writer/director Doug Ellin reprised the role in the 2015 feature film adaptation, Entourage. In addition to his television work, Kevin Connolly has appeared in multiple major motion pictures including Secretariat, The Notebook, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Antwone Fisher. From music videos to NHL draft announcements to directing documentaries, Connolly has proved his ability to diversify his talents again and again.

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