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April 20, 2021

Featuring top US Olympic hopefuls, this docu-series follows the women who are ready to take the sport of surfing to the Olympic stage. We will follow them through qualifications and trials. This is REPRESENT. This is the Olympics. And this, this is the first step in surfing's big future.

Before Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks made up the first ever U.S. Olympic women’s surfing team, they had to qualify against the nation’s best. Represent follows the top US Olympic hopeful's in the lead up to Tokyo. Featuring a brief history of surfing through archive footage and new interviews, it provides an in-depth view of what the first-ever inclusion of surfing in the Olympics means for the sport.


Created and Directed by

  • Justin Jung

Production Company

  • Steel Wool Entertainment


  • Brad Simpson
  • Justin Jung

Associate Story Producer

  • Mimi LaMontagne

Director of Photography

  • Alan Gwizdowski

Underwater Photography

  • Noah Alani
  • Margarita Salyak

1st AC

  • Erin Douglass

Sound Recordists

  • Jeff Pace
  • Peter Beer
  • Joseph Mullins
  • Chris Claypool

Additional Photography

  • Luc Delamare
  • Noah McPherson
  • Blake Michel
  • Nicolas Pollet
  • Willie Kessel
  • Carly Stone

Lead Editor

  • Peter Saroufim


  • Brad Allen Wilde

Assistant Editor

  • Jessica Rothert


  • Stephen Interrante

Post Production Services Provided by PostScript Creative


  • RKM Studios

Audio Mixing and Design

  • Richard Shapiro

Additional Footage

  • International Association of Surfing
  • Footage taken from the WSL Archive provided through the courtesy of the World Surf League
  • ASA Entertainment

Special Thanks

  • Holly Gray
  • Jon Omori
  • G-Technology
  • CSLA
  • Rip Curl


  • Caroline Marks
  • Carissa Moore
  • Courtney Conlogue
  • Lakey Peterson


Episode 1: Represent The thought of surfing being in the Olympics was once a dream and is now a reality. Watch as we follow USA Surfing's Olympic hopefuls Courtney Conlogue, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, and Caroline Marks show what it takes to make the team.

Episode 2: USA Surfing Prime Greg Cruse, USA Surfing CEO, and Andrea Swayne, USA Surfing President, realized surfing in the USA had a gap in its youth program compared to other nations. The prime series was created to give young athletes the knowledge and training to make it on the World Tour. Surfing was one of the more chauvinistic sports and only in recent years have women been more welcomed to compete. Find out how Women's Surfing has progressed and become a sought after career.

Episode 3: The Mamba Mentality 2019 is the make or break year for any top surfer wanting to compete in the Olympics. The path to Tokyo is a complex mix of professional and amateur contests held over a 10-month span held on beaches of over a dozen surfing nations. The athletes hear from Kobe Bryant explaining the importance on physical training and dieting for the Olympics.

Episode 4: Nature vs Machine To be good at surfing can take many years of practice. Surfing in itself is an ever-changing canvas given the unpredictability of the ocean. When the world received their first glimpse of Kelly Slater’s wave pool in late 2015 though, suddenly perfect waves could be ridden endlessly. But can a perfect wave machine ever truly replicate and replace the ocean?

Episode 5: 2019 ISA World Games Part 1 In September 2019 Carissa, Caroline, and Courtney made their way to Miyazaki, Japan to compete in the first-ever Olympic Qualifying series for Surfing. In order for each surfer to provisionally qualify for their country, they must participate in the International Surfing Associations (ISA) World Surfing Games. Competitive Surfing has always been an individual sport; how will the team handle working together as a team for the first time?

Episode 6: 2019 ISA World Games Part 2 With Team USA out of the main rounds and into the repechage, the athletes have another shot at making the podium. Competing in the repechage means the women will have to surf twice as many heats a day as one would normally do. It will be some of the most physically challenging events that these athletes have had to endure in a contest leading up to finals day.

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