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Your content is your content. Pick your price, set your terms and take down anytime. No upfront fees and no need to hire an aggregator.


Auction off premiere tickets to your fan community or reward them with Ficto Tokens.

Control how your content is seen and monetized.

Stream movies, shows, events, concerts and more.

Rent a title for $0.10. Or auction a limited collection starting at $65 each. The possibilities are endless.

You control every step from upload to take-down.

Own your analytics and build your audience.

You owe it to your fans. Build and reward your fan community with special events, NFT collectibles and new announcements. Auction off tickets to livestream filmmaker Q&A, behind-the-scenes, sports, concerts, and more. Monetize shorts, create competitions, and enable your fans to vote.

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How does it work?

Web3 efficiencies in blockchain technology allow Ficto to trim 90% of traditional store costs. By automating onramp processes and tokenizing content, artists who own their content can sell, rent, mint and stream directly to viewers without being locked up with terms and in territories.

Is my content secure?

The Ficto Store sits atop the Eluvio content fabric which streams fundamental elements including binary data (media), metadata, blockchain ledger smart contracts, and code for flexible, reusable, and scalable composition that is decentralized and immutable. Our tech stack is built to house content assets safer than any other store or streamer in the market today.

With 10,000+ titles from all the major studios, you are in good company with Ficto.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Nope, we supply original premium content at no cost to viewers.

A: Not at all. We occasionally work with sponsorship partners but none of our programming is currently jam packed with ads.

A: Absolutely. You can watch on your schedule whenever you want, pause when you want, and then continue later — all right on your own mobile device.

A: Ficto Originals are only available on the Ficto platform in their initial run and then may be later licensed to outside parties around the globe.

A: You can. Just cast your mobile device to your smart TV and you can enjoy our programming on a large screen.

A: Yes, Ficto was one of the first streaming services to optimize current technology to make the best viewing experience on mobile devices, whether you prefer traditional viewing in horizontal mode or you are more vertically inclined.

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