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Time to take back control. Say goodbye to price tiers. Ean 80% of sales. Customizes everything from territories to title limitability. And take down any time.

Innovating EST & VOD in Web3

Sell NFTs alongside your content in a protected and transparent store. Ficto offers the best of Web3 without the liabilies found in P2P. Open the door to limitless monetization opportunity today.

The ultimate store experience

The EST store has been notoriously inflexible. Not only have we changed this - we reinvented it from the ground up. Charge as little as $0.10 for a film or auction off a limited-edition episode. You are in charge.

Non-exclusive from other stores

If youre monetizing on iTunes or Vudu, you might as well be monetizing on the Ficto store too. We are non-exclusive from other ESTs and you keep much more of your sales with us.

We believe in you

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: 9:16, the vertical version of 16:9. We are NOT 4:3 and definitely NOT pan and scan. If you choose, we will edit your film for you for the best possible viewing experience.

A: You can parse your film into episodes where they feel most natural as long as there is at least 3 episodes (or breaks).

A: As much as we would love to hear your ideas, Ficto only entertains projects from established production companies and agencies.

A: Ficto does engage with a number of social platform partnerships such as Lomotif, which includes a community of creators that posts regularly. We regularly monitor these platforms when they feature our branding or assets. You never know!

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