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Better engagement and measurement for brands

Ficto Studio works with CMOs, brand marketers, and agencies to help design immersive brand integrations that leverage Ficto’s full interactive capabilities and achieve a measurable return on investment.

Ficto’s branded promotional options range from exclusive title or category sponsorship of a series, to custom augmented reality (AR), geo-location, click-to-purchase, product integration, launch events, creator collaborations, and more.

Ficto Studio’s custom sponsor programs provide comprehensive performance metrics, including viewer engagement, interactions, social sharing and listening as well as interactive polling to drive instant, two-way dialog with Ficto fans.

Brand Sponsorships & Integrations

Full Integration Partnership:
Build your own branded show from the ground up and retain 100% of the rights. Choose from a combination of several formats.

Charter Sponsorship:
Worldwide, category exclusive sponsor across Ficto inventory.

Show Sponsorship:
Sponsor an entire existing show for its entire run on Ficto and ReachTV.

Episode Sponsorship:
Sponsor an episode of an existing show during its run on Ficto.

Product Integration Sponsorship:
Your product is exhibited directly in a production, e.g. on screen, an actor uses the product.

Campaign Enhancements

Carousel Placement:
Be part of the first impression. Get featured in the Ficto Carousel across all apps and on web.

Live Stream Premiere Events:
Sponsor show premiere inclusive of a live-stream event on Twitch and brand sponsored content.

Co-Marketed Social Amplification:
Paid media boosting for syndicated views of of sponsored content across social inclusive of FICTO's Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Lomotif, YouTube, Twitch & Twitter.

Cross Channel Attribution:
Unified view of insights like the top shows, events, interests and devices your customers interact with along their viewing journey.

Customer Journey BI:
Drill down into customer journeys by show, campaign, ad group, and ad to identify which tactics affect customers’ decisions to view.

And so much more!

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Sponsorships and Interactive Placements

Reach an engaged audience with unique sponsorship and interactive advertising opportunities.

Activate on a Creator-First Platform

Exclusive event partnerships and unique experiential marketing campaigns.

Amplify with Artist Support

Ficto is built for the next generation of creators. Your brand will be aligned with a platform that supports artists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Brands have a number of ways to partner with Ficto such as brand integrated productions where the brand is central to the location and/or storyline; brands can place their products into productions; and brands can also create unique promotional spots that would be added to playback.

A: Ficto has a number of shows that can be made available for 3rd party partnerships and other uses. Just reach out.

A: We currently create custom opportunities so there are no published ad rates at this time. Contact us to learn more.

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