Why Fast Fiction Matters

At Ficto we believe in fast fiction because time is our most valuable asset. Right now, the average attention span of millennials is about eight seconds, a second shorter than a goldfish… yes you read that correctly, a goldfish. Yet most of the content that’s being produced caters to the traditional 22 or 42 minute length show.

To satisfy our modern content needs we crave entertainment that’s addictive, characters that inspire, and stories that resonate. The question then becomes, ‘how do we balance our content cravings with the growing demands of our everyday lives?’

If you’re like me, a typical evening (after a full day’s work) includes going to the gym, returning home, answering emails, and by the time I’ve finished dinner, it’s already close to 10pm. With only one to two hours left in my day (if I don’t want to be a zombie the next day) to binge the newest shows, I have to spread out watching a full series over the course of a few weeks, if not months. And by that time, it’s hard to remember the key details that distinguish the great shows from the mediocre. There has to be a better, more efficient way to satiate our storytelling needs.

One of Ficto’s newest shows: Ming’s Dynasty

This is why we created Ficto. We believe in providing audiences the premium content they crave, without the elongated binge-time commitment that standard streaming services have standardized.

Ficto is built from the ground up for mobile. It’s short-form and perfect for the in-between moments. Reloading your Instagram and Twitter feeds 10 times in the last three minutes without any new posts can only go on for so long. Whether you’re walking to class, Ubering to a bar, or you’re really comfortable on the couch with your phone in reach…now you can escape for those unplanned 5-10 minutes with an episode on Ficto.

Ficto stories give you the entertainment you need, when you want it, while not missing a beat in your busy day.

We want you to live your life without sacrificing time for quality entertainment.


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