What is Ficto? Join the Beta

Introducing the Ficto Public Beta

The Ficto public beta is here! After nearly two years of hardwork and the typical ups-and-downs of a startup we have arrived!

What is Ficto?

Ficto is a free interactive mobile streaming network powered by A.I., serving up premium entertainment created by top Hollywood talent and next-generation content creators. Ficto aims to be the content platform of the future, providing a dedicated home for fresh, independent voices and concepts.

Ficto delivers transparent metrics and meaningful revenue share for its creators. With cutting-edge immersive, real-world and interactive technology, Ficto makes audiences a part of what’s happening, putting them inside of shows, connecting them to each other and the world around them.

What’s Included in the Beta?

For our viewers, we have a carefully curated content library stockpiled with everything from celebrity-driven shows to stylish indie films. You can see our current show library here. We have a rollout of new shows on the way, centered around interactive features designed for mobile. We also have a unique series in production with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world (check out our work with Ingress the Series).

For creators, this is the first streaming platform actually made for you. Ficto is a platform with no blackbox algorithms, or backend pay metrics that don’t update. Most importantly, we are dedicated to a 50/50 revenue share split with creators. You deserve to get paid for your work. Learn more about Ficto’s revenue model and how to submit a show here.

Team Favorites

With the Ficto beta, you’ll get early access to some of our innovative new shows. Here are some of our favorite shows, chosen by the Ficto team.

Adventure Capital
Jake (Hale Hill) does an incredible job. You hate him as a person, but secretly want to see him succeed.

30 Second Somebodies
Jake (Hale Hill) does an incredible job. You hate him as a person, but secretly want to see him succeed.

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