Storytelling Possibilities

Ficto’s Storytelling Possibilities

Here’s the story. Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, we went to see films in what were once known as movie theatres. Now we watch shows at home, consuming content on our television, or streamed to our laptop or tablet. While the screens have shifted in size from big to small to smaller, the way we watch them hasn’t really changed at all. Why? Because the TV and film industry hasn’t changed that much. The reason for that? Cash money. There is a combined $150 billion in revenue and no shortage of entertainment – well, traditional entertainment.

It goes like this. Turn it on, pick a show, click play, and watch the screen. This is what we call passive entertainment: You are relying on the writing, directing, acting, and music score to engage you, invest in the characters, and command your attention. But, news flash, we’re not passive creatures. We’re scrolling through the feed, we’re live Tweeting our reactions, we’re Googling who the lead actor is dating and following their Instagram.

Remember Bandersnatch? In December 2018, a movie that incorporates branching narrative style interactivity, giving the viewer minimal control over decisions characters make within the story. For the first time on a TV, viewers became active participants in an adult-targeted movie. It was Choose Your Own Adventure on screen. For the first time, we couldn’t watch and multitask on Snapchat or swipe left on Tinder while watching.

It was revolutionary, albeit clunky. Maybe you watched it with friends, maybe you ordered food and made an event out of it. Maybe you streamed it to your computer via HDMI and when prompted to interact, you scrambled to read the options and leap off the couch to choose your answer in time.

It had issues. The film might have been onto something, but was flawed in how you watched it and its run time. Interacting with the branching narratives would have worked really well on a phone because of the proximity of your fingers to the narrative choices, but would you have watched a full feature length movie on their phone? Hard pass.

Whether or not we’re aware, our phones already do a lot for us. On a daily basis, we’re leveraging a list of features that is pretty extensive. Geotracking, AR, interactive polling and chat, livestream, 360 camera, and more. What I mean is, we are really, really good at using technology to interact with the world, in addition to creating and consuming content. But outside of user generated social posts and YouTube tutorials, our species has yet to nail something worthy of network streaming. Until now.

Enter Ficto. The first app that empowers you to leverage the power of your phone and apply those functionalities to premium shorter-form narratives to create an active viewing experience – not a passive one. Where you, as a creator, are granted a technological playground to upgrade your shows and enhance them with interactive features that not only engages your audience, it immerses them.

The landscape is evolving y’all. Digitally and culturally. We’re on the pulse of conversations, trends, and innovations that will innovate our mobile experience and create new intersections of creativity and technology.

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