Lil Rel Howery to host NOT A SPORTS SHOW

Milton Howery Jr., known professionally as Lil Rel Howery, is an American actor and comedian. Howery is best known for his roles as Robert Carmichael in NBC’s television comedy series The Carmichael Show and as TSA officer Rod Williams in the horror film Get Out.  He also just appeared in Judas and the Black Messiah.  Sit back, relax and crack a cold one with funnyman Lil Rel Howery as he interviews some of the greatest athletes of all time!  

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Article Written By Marc Rashba

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No topic off limits, Lil Rel and his legendary guests have refreshing conversations about anything and everything, getting a glimpse into their lives away from the game.  Watch Rel get them out of their comfort zones, with an impromptu sketch or challenge where we see these titans of sport shine on a brand new stage.

Do you ever wonder what athletes really talk about when they’re not playing their sport?  So did Lil Rel!  With a love of sports since he was a kid, Lil Rel found that his way to hang with the athletes was through his humor, and that spirit shines through each episode.  


Lil Rel takes us on a poignant and comical journey to get to know each guest, highlighted by Rel’s hilarious, cool and affable style, as he goes toe to toe with:

Paul Pierce

Joc Pederson

Sabrina Ionescu

Shaun White

Kenny Smith

Chiney Ogwumike

Melvin Ingram 

Shannon Sharpe.  

No topic off limits, Rel will also tackle timely and relevant issues within the sports world and our culture.  Then, Rel takes the athletes out of their comfort zone, with a surprise challenge like a make-shift Lie Detector for Paul “The Truth” Pierce, a Poetry Slam with Sabrina Ionescu, a dance off with Chiney Ogwumike, an impromptu fashion show with Shannon Sharp, a grill challenge with Joc Pederson, a rap battle with Melvin Ingram, a nickname game with Kenny “The Jet” Smith, an epic Kung Fu fight sequence in a stadium between Lil Rel and Olympic gold medal snowboarder, Shaun White, to name a few! 

Each episode also features a NASS original segment called: “Unsung Heroes.”  A comedic, mini-biography about six characters, all played by Rel, who provided great value to the world of sport, but did not get the shine they deserved.  Rel wraps up each episode in the stands, recollecting about his inspiring and hilarious time with his special guest athlete, on Not A Sports Show. 


Episode 1 – Paul Pierce “Paul Don’t Lie”

“Paul Don’t Lie” Part 1

In this episode of Not A Sports Show, Lil Rel Howery gets to know NBA Legend Paul “The Truth” Pierce.  Comedic and enlightening, the conversations highlight a different side of Paul.  As they chop it up over a beer, Rel learns about Paul’s background and how he got started playing basketball. Finally, we see Paul sweat it out in the hot seat during a surprise lie detector test. Rel grills him on everything from which NBA legends he thinks he was better than, to what really happened during the infamous “wheelchair” game.  

“Paul Don’t Lie” Part 2

In this episode of Not A Sports Show, Lil Rel Howery and Paul Pierce have a beer and get into an intense game of Go Fish.  As they learn more about each other, and talk over a beer, Paul talks about his love for The Bachelor, snowmobiling, and his close encounter with frostbite.

Episode 2 – Joc Pederson 

“Young Guns” Part 1 

In this special “Young Guns” episode of Not A Sports Show, Lil Rel goes on a journey to get to know two of the sports world’s brightest, young stars: MLB All-Star Joc Pederson of the Chicago Cubs, as well as WNBA superstar, and number 1 overall pick, Sabrina Ionescu of the New York Liberty.   

Rel learns what it took for Joc to become one of the most clutch hitters in baseball.  Then he challenges Joc to a culinary showdown behind the grill: who’s surf ‘n’ turf is better? Then they share their love of the cinematic classic, “Billy Madison”, with a hilarious homage…but nobody’s winning an Oscar for that.  

Episode 2 – Sabrina Ionescu 

“Young Guns” Part 2 

Lil Rel Howery and Sabrina Ionescu have a compelling conversation over a beer as Rel learns where she might have gained her competitive nature (hint: watch her Dad in the stands during one of her games).  Then Sabrina takes on Rel when he tests her competitive spirit in an impromptu poetry slam and foosball. Rel quickly discovers the same thing anyone who goes up against Sabrina does, she’s got game. 

Episode 3 – Shaun White “Slow Clap”

In this episode of Not A Sports Show, Lil Rel gets snowboarding legend Shaun White in the hot seat.  

Shaun shares what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight as an Olympic gold medalist, why he always chose the can of chili after wins, and what it felt like to get a slow clap at the airport after he won his first Olympic gold medal.

Then, things heat up when Rel challenges Shaun to a hot chili eating contest, followed by a throwback karate movie fight scene, under the stadium lights, worthy of a slow clap itself.

Episode 4 –  Kenny Smith “Family Business”

In this episode of Not A Sports Show, Lil Rel sits down and has a beer with NBA Legend and award winning commentator on Inside the NBA, Kenny “The Jet” Smith.  

Rel learns about the best player Kenny has ever seen, then they test Kenny’s acting chops, taking on an iconic scene from one of Kenny’s favorite movies!  Next, Rel puts Kenny’s nickname generating skills to the test with an impromptu challenge on the stadium’s Jumbotron.  Kenny will be droppin’ names and knowledge on this fun filled episode of Not A Sports Show.  

Episode 5 – Chiney Ogwumike “Making Herstory”

In this episode of Not A Sports Show, Lil Rel gets to know one of the most trailblazing female athletes in the game today Chiney Oguimike, the first black woman and WNBA player to host a national radio show for ESPN, while still playing in the WNBA. 

Whether they’re talking about Chiney’s special bond with her sister, fellow WNBA superstar Nneka Ogwumike, her love of being an analyst, or showing Rel how to dance to Afro beats, it’s easy to see how Chiney is inspiring young women around the world to make herstory.

Episode 6 – Shannon Sharpe / Melvin Ingram “Drop The Mic”

In the loaded season finale of Not A Sports Show, Lil Rel interviews NFL Hall of Famer, and legendary sports commentator Shannon Sharpe and two time NFL Pro Bowler, Melvin Ingram.  

First up, Rel sits down with Shannon to talk about how Shannon’s childhood shaped him into the person he is today. Second, Rel goes head to head with the man himself to debate some of the hottest sports topics of the day.  At the end, Rel and Shannon conclude their interview with an epic fashion walk-off, showing that Shannon has style in the booth and on the runway.

Rel then welcomes in Melvin. To start with, they crack open a cold one as Rel learns that Melvin uses rapping to get over tough obstacles in his life, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or rehabbing from injury. After that, Rel and Mel then hit the stage to record Not A Sports Show’s first ever freestyle hip hop music video.

Fun Facts

Initially, the show was planned to shoot much earlier than December 2020, but was delayed due to COVID-19 production restrictions.

For instance, the bar was designed specifically for this production and as you can tell from watching the shows, there is no bartender on duty at any time.

Joc Pederson was traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers to Chicago during the development and production phases of Not A Sports Show.

Moreover, a few other titles were considered for this series including “Not Another Sports Show” but was ultimately ruled out.

Full Cast & Crew Details

Shot at the beautiful new home of the LA Rams and the LA Chargers, SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.  The show had a full cast and professional crew as noted below:


Walt Becker – Director

Andrew Panay – Executive Producer

Adam Glass – Executive Producer 

Lil Rel Howery – Executive Producer

Nate Tuck – Executive Producer

Brian Klugman – Executive Producer

Greg Silverman – Executive Producer

Jared Iacino – Executive Producer

Spencer Gordon – Executive Producer

Brent Goldberg – Executive Producer

Howie Young – Producer

Corey Cambridge – Co-Producer

Greg Garthe – Co-Producer

Drew Tholke – Associate Producer

Cam Squires – Associate Producer

Bradley Stonesifer – Director of Photography

Cristobal Valecillos – Production Designer

Howie Young – Unit Production Manager

Freddy Childress – First Assistant Director

Wally Parry – Second Assistant Director


Greg Garthe – Production Supervisor

Amy Stierasuta – Assistant to Andrew Panay

Gina Tomasino – Assistant to Nate Tuck

Brooke Finegold – Writers Assistant

Antonio Calderon – Production Assistant

Orlando Munoz – Production Assistant

Stefan Toskovic – Production Assistant


David Liehn – Second Second Assistant Director

Thomas Cross – Key Set Production Assistant

Autumn Griffin – Set Production Assistant

Paul Marino – Set Production Assistant

Aidan Glass – Set Production Assistant


Adriel Gonzalez – First Assistant Camera

Denis Zemtsov – Second Assistant Camera

Dan Butovsky – Second Assistant Camera

Drew Lauer – Drone Operator / B Camera Operator

Nick Savander – C Camera Operator

Marty O’Neill – BTS Camera Operator  

James Hammond – Additional Operator


Isabel Aranguren – Art Director

Phoenix A Lopez – Prop Master

Jean Paul Wightman – Leadman

Alex Gallo – Set Decorator

Nicholas De La Rosa – Set Decorator

Jessica Shaefer – Art Department Coordinator

Lucia Yajaira Aranguren – Art Assistant

Maya Oloe – Art Assistant


Genevieve Tyrrell – Costume Designer

Ivy Thaide – Assistant Costume Designer


Camara Helps – Key Make Up Artist

Corey “Chill” Hill – Key Hair Stylist

Meagan Hester – SFX Make Up


Michel Tyabji – Production Sound Recordist/Mixer


Mike Dunitz – Locations Manager

Sam Dunitz – Locations Production Assistant

Mark Rojas – Layout Technician 


Shane Salyards – Key Gaffer

Julian Tuzzeo – Best Boy Electric

Casey Bauer – Electrician

Casey Bauer – Electrician

David Veerman – Electrician

Robert Eras – Electrician


Elias Gutierrez – Key Grip

Juan Manzo – Best Boy Grip

Hawke Clothier – Grip

Charles Daulo – Grip

Oscar Garcia – Grip


Shawn Aguilar – Digital Imaging Technician

Johanna Salo – Digital Imaging Technician

Chris Polczinksi – Video Assist

Tia Jai – Teleprompter Operator


Fabian Centeno – Head Chef

Richard Talledo – Chef Assistant

Jose Ventura – Chef Assistant

Jose Bran – Chef Assistant

Dylan Centeno – Chef Assistant


Antonio “Speedy” Marcos – Key Craft Service

Samuel J. Rincon – Craft Service Assistant


Eugene Silva – PURE Sets Operations Lead

Megan Murphy – PURE Sets Testing Coordinator

Jason Bowe – Covid Compliance Officer

Matt Duran – Assistant Compliance Officer

Danica Morrison – Assistant Compliance Officer

Drew Jeffries – Unit Medic


Phil Price –Editor  

Bill Chessman – Editor 

Ko Massiah – Editor 

Carey Keeney – Head of Post Production

Summer Sullivan – Post Supervisor

Jason Altshuler – Music Supervisor

Josh Jason – Post Coordinator

Chris Taylor – Art Director

Mariko Ishihara Metze – Lead Motion Graphics Designer

David Kolb – Graphic Artist

Neal Wynne – Graphic Artist

Mat Griffith – Graphic Animator

Jason King – Graphics Animator

Hunter Mayer – Graphics Producer

Ivy Henderson – Cosmo Street Producer

Sean Thomas – Lead Assistant Editor

Ciaran Redmond – Assistant Editor

Aaron Gunther – Cosmo Street Assistant Editor

Stewart Huey – Editorial Assistant

Michael Bell – Assistant Editor

Joy Fu – Assistant Editor

Dominic Wendel – Assistant Editor

Evelyn Kleinkopf – Online Supervisor

Emil Moss – Online Editor

Roberto Campos – Online Editor

Zin Chiang – Online Coordinator

Benny Van De Griek – Online Assistant

Erica Headley – VFX Production Manager

Kimberly Alfrey – VFX Coordinator

Isa Alsop  – Compositor

Jeri Cruz – Compositor

Kris Widger – Compositor

Kevin Conlon – Compositor

Michael Cisneros – Compositor

Raphael LaMotta – Compositor

Sean Kinnear – Compositor

Patrick Sexton, CAS – Re-Recording Mixer

Quinn Alvarez – Colorist

La Rue Anderson – Apache Executive Producer

Kirsten Harris – Apache Producer

Music Provided By

21 South Music 

APM Music

Extreme Music

Sonic Culture

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