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Ficto is disrupting the traditional entertainment industry and is among the first streaming services to pay royalties, which today’s prevailing streaming sites have completely eliminated.

We believe in content creators

We are committed to creators through a radical new transparency payment layer for all parties involved in production.

We believe in transparency

Ficto is the first mobile-first streaming service that provides verifiable and meaningful revenue sharing.

We believe in innovation

We do not incorporate technology into shows as a novelty. We provide tools that give creators access to technology that enhances the experience of creative works.

We believe in you

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: 9:16, the vertical version of 16:9. We are NOT 4:3 and definitely NOT pan and scan. If you choose, we will edit your film for you for the best possible viewing experience.

A: You can parse your film into episodes where they feel most natural as long as there is at least 3 episodes (or breaks).

A: As much as we would love to hear your ideas, Ficto only entertains projects from established production companies and agencies.

A: Ficto does engage with a number of social platform partnerships such as Lomotif, which includes a community of creators that posts regularly. We regularly monitor these platforms when they feature our branding or assets. You never know!

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