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Ficto offers shows and series ranging from original dramas, to comedies, docuseries, talk shows, game shows, news, and more.

But this isn’t just a TV in your pocket. It’s something totally new. And totally Free!

Ficto is a mobile-first interactive storytelling platform optimized for vertical or horizontal viewing on any mobile device that makes audiences a part of what’s happening.

Unlike traditional, one-way static viewing of streaming movies and shows, Ficto put viewers at the center of the streaming experience with interactive features that enable two-way engagement.

Branching, choice-based stories let you control the narrative.

Augmented reality puts the action right in front of you, transforming the world around you. Geo-location features offer a whole new world of possibilities. Where you watch can unlock what you watch!

And that’s just the beginning.

From live streaming events, live chat, and instant polling, to 360-degree viewing, click-through e-commerce, and more, Ficto is redefining TV.

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Free? Yes. Really.

Ficto is a streaming service that offers interactive shows produced exclusively for mobile without a paywall or subscriptions.

Yep, that means free.


Ficto is free to download and supported by revenue from limited advertising, sponsorship integrations, global distribution, e-commerce, and other areas.

With more than 50 shows and counting, that means all you have to do is decide where to start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Nope, we supply original premium content at no cost to viewers.

A: Not at all. We occasionally work with sponsorship partners but none of our programming is currently jam packed with ads.

A: Absolutely. You can watch on your schedule whenever you want, pause when you want, and then continue later — all right on your own mobile device.

A: Ficto Originals are only available on the Ficto platform in their initial run and then may be later licensed to outside parties around the globe.

A: You can. Just cast your mobile device to your smart TV and you can enjoy our programming on a large screen.

A: Yes, Ficto was one of the first streaming services to optimize current technology to make the best viewing experience on mobile devices, whether you prefer traditional viewing in horizontal mode or you are more vertically inclined.

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