Advertise with Ficto

Introduce your brand to an entirely new video streaming audience.

Sponsorships & Interactive Placements

Reach an engaged audience with unique sponsorship and interactive advertising opportunities.

Show Sponsorships

  • Title sponsor, exclusivity tiers
  • Product placement
  • Sponsorship bumpers
  • Ancillary content and B-roll video footage


  • Custom A/R and creative interactivity
  • Gamification opportunities
  • Ecommerce “click-to-purchase” units

Activate on a Creator-First Platform

Sponsored Event Opportunities

Exclusive event partnerships and unique experiential marketing campaigns.
  • Sponsorship of tent pole events with Ficto
  • Pop-up events nationwide
  • VIP/Celebrity Launch Parties

Amplify with Artist Support

Ficto is built for creators and creatives. Your brand will be aligned with a platform that supports artists.

Social Amplification

  • Social promotion using talent/footprint of cast/crew


  • Pre/Post Roll (:06 and :15)
  • VPAID and VAST support


  • PR Releases/First-to-Market Opportunities
  • Carousel Placement – High impact placement within Ficto App

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